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Welttage der  Akupunktur

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Welttage der  Akupunktur

Welttage der Akupunktur

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Association pour la Promotion Européenne de la Médecine Chinoise Traditionnelle
10 rue Freycinet- 75116 Paris


This association was created in 1994, to develop acupuncture training, research and care, and associated medical practices, in France and throughout Europe.
Until 2004, the association was headed by Prof. Pierre Cornillot, President of the Paris 13 University, assisted in the General Secretariat by Dr. Denis Colin, and by Mr. Maurice Pétranca at the Treasury.
Since 2004, the President has been Dr. Denis Colin, and the association’s Secretary General currently is Dr. Tristan Cuniot, with Dr. Eric Kiener as his deputy, while the Treasury is managed by Mrs. Annick le Verre, assisted by Dr. Florence Phan-Choffrut.

The essential object of the APEMECT is the dissemination of the knowledge of Chinese medicine to the authorities, the doctors and to French and foreign patients.
In this context, the association has supported, in dealing with the Ministries of Health, Higher Education and Research, as well as with the Elysée, projects for the recognition of acupuncture, submitted to all candidates to the presidency of the Republic since 1995.
These steps culminated in 2007 with the permission to create the first State-issued Diploma of Acupunctural Medicine in Western countries, taught only in French faculties of Medicine.
The APEMECT offers doctors and midwives, as well as students in acupuncture, professional stays in China, under the guidance of Dr. Florence Phan-Choffrut.
The APEMECT offers doctors and midwives and acupuncture students Qigong internships.
The APEMECT is a member of the WFAS (World Federation of Acupuncture and Moxibustion Societies), and is represented by four members on the Executive Committee.
In 2009, the APEMECT organized the World Acupuncture Congress at the European Parliament in Strasbourg.
Finally, the APEMECT organizes World Acupuncture Day (WAD) at UNESCO head offices, scheduled for 15 November 2018, a project that is already supported by the French, Chinese and Greek delegations of UNESCO.

Doctor Denis Colin
President of the APEMECT
Executive president of the WAD
Vice-President of the WFAS

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