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Welttage der  Akupunktur

Logo WFAS 2018 et WADO

Welttage der  Akupunktur

Welttage der Akupunktur

Logo CFMTCCreated in 2002 by the Fédération Nationale de Médecine Traditionnelle Chinoise (National Federation of Traditional Chinese Medicine, or FNMTC) and the Union Française des Professionnels de Médecine Traditionnelle Chinoise (French Union of Professionals in Traditional Chinese Medicine, or UFPMTC), it was soon joined by the Syndicat Indépendant des Acupuncteurs Traditionnels et des Thérapeutes en Énergétique Chinoise (Independent Union of Traditional Acupuncturists and Chinese Energy Therapists, or SIATTEC). Since then, the Confederation has continued to move forward by launching multiple initiatives regarding the profession (training, legal, social, political, …), the ultimate aim of which is the recognition of our profession.

The Co-Chairs of the CFMTC are:

The CFMTC has multiple goals:

  • To promote a gathering of professional organizations
  • To define precisely what traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and the practitioner of TCM are;
  • To define, also, the practice and therapeutic methods in TCM, and to adopt a code of ethics governing the conduct and work of the practitioner, overseen by a Board of Ethics;
  • To reflect on the place of TCM in today’s health sector in France and throughout Europe;
  • To inform all relevant parties, such as professional health organizations, public authorities and information professionals;
  • To contribute concretely to advancing the issue of the recognition of traditional Chinese medicine in France;
  • To define clearly the framework of TCM teaching and practice in France;
  • To identify and adopt programs common to all accredited schools, and to develop guidelines for professional organizations.

A few actions:

  • Creation of Codes of Ethics and of Conduct that meet ETCMA criteria;
  • Implementation of the shared national examination for the three organizations in 2012. For the September 2018 session, the “Fundamental bases and diagnosis” and “Studies of the human body” tests, and the “Acupuncture, pharmacopoeia, tuina, dietetics, Qigong” written and practical tests will be conducted under the aegis of the CFMTC;
  • The Référentiel Professionnel Manuel Qualité (Professional Quality Handbook, or RPMQ), a work begun by the FNMTC, was pursued by the Confederation. This manual constitutes the list of required skills that is presented in our formalization process. Among other things, it details the curriculum and number of hours required to acquire the level of training required to be admitted to the national examination and, after graduation, to be granted the title of practitioner of TCM;
  • Creation of a quality handbook for schools
  • Organization of 7 national conventions as part of its continuing-education program. This convention has become the first francophone convention and the second convention in Europe.

The CFMTC’s three member organizations:


7 rue Louis-Prével
06000 NICE


221 rue des Frères Lumière


BP 60055

The CFMTC is a member of the l’ETCMA and the WFCMS.

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