Logo WFAS 2018 et WADO

World Acupuncture Day

Logo WFAS 2018 et WADO

World Acupuncture Day

Logo of FAFORMECThe FAFORMEC (Fédération des Acupuncteurs pour la FORmation MÉdicale Continue, or Federation of Acupuncturists for Continuing Medical Training), consists of the 22 national and regional associations of acupunctural doctors in France. Created in 1997, it follows, historically, the line of the reception of acupuncture by French doctors’ during the 20th Century. It serves to represent continuing medical training in acupuncture in France.

The FAFORMEC is a member of the Conseil National Professionnel de l’Acupuncture, (National Professional Council of Acupuncture), bringing together the professional bodies, with the Collège Français d’Acupuncture et de Médecine Traditionnelle Chinoise, (French College of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine, or CFA-MTC), a learned society in the professIon, the SNMAF (Syndicat national des médecins acupuncteurs français or National Union of French Acupuncturists), the CEFAM (Collège des enseignants universitaires de l’acupuncture médicale, or College of University Teachers of Medical Acupuncture) for university educators and internship supervisors.

The FAFORMEC is also tasked with helping the associations in their training actions. It organizes an annual national convention, a privileged forum for French acupunctural doctors. It is authorized to organize continuing professional development, a legal obligation to which each doctor is subject, to ensure they keep abreast of current scientific knowledge and the population’s public-health needs.

The magazine "Acupuncture et Moxibustion" allows FAFORMEC members to publish their work in a peer-reviewed journal. Proposed articles concerning the Five Pillars of Chinese medicine (acupuncture and moxibustion, Chinese dietetics and pharmacopoeia, Tuina massage, Qigong, and Taijiquan) are reviewedd by a reading committee conprised of specialists, experts in the same disciplinary field as the content of the article, to enssure its scientific quality.

It is open to the world and an active member of the WFAS, a member of the ICMART, and participates jointly with the learned society, the CFA-MTC, in research work, in the drafting of recommendations, and in the evaluation of practices in acupuncture.
In November 2018 in Paris, the FAFORMEC will participate actively in greeting its international counterparts and will represent the traditional place of French medical acupuncture in the family of the world’s nations.

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