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World Acupuncture Day

Logo WFAS 2018 et WADO

World Acupuncture Day

The Latin American Federation of Medical Acupuncture Societies, FILASMA, is a non-profit, civil society of scientific nature, of indefinite duration, formed by the grouping of legally constituted Medical Societies of Acupuncture of Latin America and the Iberian Peninsula, governed by these statutes and by the legislation applied to this kind of institutions in each signatory country.

All the signatory companies are exclusively made up of practicing medical doctors according to the legislation of the country of origin.


Joint efforts to obtain recognition of acupuncture on the part of the academic, professional and welfare medical bodies of the member countries.

Disseminate and promote the teaching and practice of acupuncture.

Define norms for the recognition of the qualification of the acupuncturist doctor valid for all the signatory societies, and suggest the unification of a basic training program. 

Coordinate and distribute collective activities in order to increase cooperation and exchange among member societies, and develop the schedule of activities to avoid duplication of efforts.

Share the experiences that in some countries have allowed to achieve objectives such as the recognition by the Ministry of Health, of various organizations, or the incorporation to the study of acupuncture in the Medicine programs 

Establish a dialogue with medical institutions in order to show the bases of acupuncture in the academic and scientific fields, based on the abundant experimental studies and the existing controlled clinical trials. Present acupuncture as a medical practice that can be used together with other therapeutic options.

Promote the adoption and use of the international nomenclature standardized by the World Health Organization, in the congresses organized by the signatory societies.

Search for the recognition of the World Health Organization and the integration of international scientific medical entities

Organize international seminars and congresses on acupuncture and related topics.

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