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World Acupuncture Day

Logo WFAS 2018 et WADO

World Acupuncture Day

What will the World Acupuncture Day be like?

This is an exceptional event concerning a medical practice in use in most countries of every continent: acupuncture.

Indeed, acupuncture is a practice of major interest in terms of both cost-effectiveness and risk-benefit ratios, allowing Acupuncture Without Borders-type NGO’s to act effectively and at a very low cost in countries lacking health-service infrastructures. Moreover, these NGO’s train professionals whose only cost is the purchase of needles (less than 0.2 cent per needle) or their manufacture.

It might seem more appropriate to have the WHO involved in this day, but in fact, the development of acupuncture cannot be divorced from its integration within the various Anglo-Saxon and Western Mediterranean cultures. It is this cultural clash between Asia and the West and the resulting intercultural dialogue that are the subject of the humanities, UNESCO’s special niche.

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A global event you can’t afford to miss!

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