Logo WFAS 2018 et WADO

World Acupuncture Day

Logo WFAS 2018 et WADO

World Acupuncture Day

World Acupuncture Day

To register for the conference, you can either register online or download the registration form and e-mail it to the Technical Secretariat:
this e-mail address is protected against spamming robots. You need to enable JavaScript to view it.
Registration will only be deemed completed and final upon receipt of payment.


Registration by hard-copy form.

Logo PDFDownload the registration form for the day of November 15th at the Maison de l’UNESCO.
Logo PDFDownload the registration form for the days of November 16th and 17th, at the Paris Cité des Sciences.

Contact information for registration:
17 rue Souham - 19000 TULLE - FRANCE
+33 (0)5 55 26 18 87


Online registration. Read these steps before registering.

  • 1. When you register for the first time, from the home screen, go to “YOU DO NOT HAVE AN ACCOUNT YET?”.

  • 2. Enter your personal information.

  • 3. Next, select the option that corresponds to your status on the “Conferences” page.

  • 4. Finally, select the extras (lunch, gala dinner …).

  • 5. Confirm your registration and follow the instructions to complete the payment process.

  • 6. A Once your payment has been processed, you will receive confirmation of your registration.


Online registration



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