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Journée Mondiale de l'Acupuncture

Logo WFAS 2018 et WADO

Journée Mondiale de l'Acupuncture

The International Council of Medical Acupuncture and Related Techniques, ICMART is the largest umbrella organisation representing Medical Acupuncture worldwide. It has a current membership of 80 medical acupuncture associations, amounting thousands of doctors practicing acupuncture and related techniques. Through its membership organisations the ICMART has strong links and cooperation with Medical, Research and Health Organisations worldwide. Was founded 1983 in Vienna/Austria and registered in Brussels. 

ICMART network
ICMART has created an enormous international network of contacts, which is regularly maintained and available when necessary. The network has been extended gradually through interactions at the regular congresses as well as by meetings at other conferences and situations, round tables, health organizations, etc. 

ICMART Accreditation Chapter

The ICMART Accreditation Committee has been created an accreditation system for the medical acupuncture training programs of its member’s organizations. The aim is to have standards in place to future proof Medical Acupuncture training and practice should such accreditation be formally required in the future by government or medical registration offices.

ICMART Accreditation System of Medical Acupuncture Congresses

In the recent years an increasing number of Medical Acupuncture Congresses are being held worldwide. The scientific level of these events varies so ICMART recognizes the need of a common accreditation system for Medical Acupuncture scientific events. In order to secure advanced scientific level, novice evidence based and integrative medicine quality ICMART sets the standards and provides an accreditation system for its members and their scientific events.Continuous learning is a necessity in medicine. But only quality, promotes knowledge. ICMART wishes to promote both.
The ICMART Annual World Congresses 
takes place every year in different countries. 32 World Congresses have been under the direct patronage of ICMART and annual Science Award, Young Scientist Awards and Poster Awards have been granted. The ICMART congress programs have evolved over the years and now function in accordance with the general standards of conventional medicine’s international congresses.  Lectures, which are presented in scientific as well as traditional approaches, have facilitated the expansion of the scope of each congress and significant presentations by internationally recognized lecturers are offered.

ICMART Science Award in Acupuncture and Related Techniques  

This is the main award of ICMART, which is presented at each ICMART Congress. It recognizes an important scientific contribution in the field of Acupuncture and related techniques. Submission requires innovative and excellent scientific projects either in basic research or in clinical research.

ICMART Scientific Chapter

The growth and acceptance of acupuncture practiced by medical doctors has taken place as a result of its perceived efficacy in many conditions and as a result of considerable recent research. Much high quality evidence now exists to support its clinical use for a wide range of problems based on randomised controlled trials and systematic reviews. Basic scientific research has determined many of the neurophysiological and neuropharmacological mechanisms by which acupuncture works. The scientific/research chapter was created within ICMART to help develop the understanding of acupuncture.

ICMART European Chapter

The ICMART European Chapter was established during the ICMART World Congress in Munich, 1991. It was a time of evolution for the growing European Union. There was an increasing need for common EU regulations and standardizations in different fields, including medicine and health systems.

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